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Manufacturing Multi-Chapel Greenhouses


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1 thermal insulation by a shading net of 50% to 80%;

Supply and introduction of a heat shield or shade achieved by a fabric carried on the entire surface of the greenhouse.

      2-Cooling system:

Air -Extracteur dimension 110cm x110 cm / 1.38m x1.38m

0.75kw Power (1400R.P.M) IP55 with wiring

      -Cooling evaporation

The cooling system installed capable of maintaining temperatures around 26 ° C when outdoor temperatures exceed 35 ° C with celdik evaporative dimension (60x100x15cm) and frame and galvanized plumbing fixture

This system automatically control humidity and temperature sensor

3-heating has forced air

A hot air generator (a oiled to a gas) to ensure complete a temperature of 18 c for outside temperature of 0 ° C see negative deviation (Gp50.Gp80.Gp100) 3phase and axial fan with thermostat 380V voltage 3F adjustable 50HZ

heating placed on a concrete slab floor or suspended



The system comprises:

-Canalisation LDPE or HDPE pipes of different diameter.

- Ramp LDPE with dripper.

-Head Station: mixer; injector fertilizer; dosing pump.

Localized irrigation networks

Localized irrigation systems dropwise with any suggestion of central control-related system.

Irrigation by fogging

Irrigation sprinkler or misting system with any suggestion related to the control center. (For plant production)


Semi-fixed table and table sets 1.5m x6.00m

ac is table can be equipped with a pipe connected to a boiler with all the accessories needed to heat the desired part (greenhouses nebulization).

b- table like frame for flower pots, ornamental ... ..etc.

6-central command:

It is a plant that controls all the system with a built-in weather station controlled temperature, humidity ... etc.

This system ensures control of the following products:

- Sunroofs.

-Screen shade.

-heating thermostat.

-System misting.

-extracteur and cooling system.

-sonde temperature.


Equipped weather station:

Executive -Sensor.

-Sensor e rain.

Wind speed -Sensor.

The unit is protected by a power panel with a possibility of ordering the manual or automatic system.


Aration par toit ouvrant

Armoire Automatique ( vent ; temprature et humidit)


Cooling systme

Dplacement  Filet d\'ombrage


Ouverture d\'aration latrale manuelle

Chambre de Germination