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       Created in 2002 as part of the program ANDI by investors of Palestinian nationality.
Flora Plastic is a company specializing in the design, production and installation of Multi-chapels agricultural greenhouses and tunnels for different use (market gardening, nursery, floral, shading greenhouses forest etc ...) with automatic introduction (sunroof, cooling system, heating, ventilation, irrigation, humidification etc ...).
       Our company has gained extensive experience with the realization of many projects for the benefit of farmers to produce and market garden nurseries and for state institutions (FOREST, HUNTING RESERVE, Explosion Resistant, EPE / EPIC).
       We are flexible to implement the projects according to customer demand for all types (nurseries, production greenhouses market gardening, arboriculture, shelters for different types of use ... ..etc.).
Our motto is quality and guarantee of our products to satisfy our customers.